Clay Routledge

Clay Routledge

Vice President of Research and Director of the Human Flourishing Lab at the Archbridge Institute

Clay is a leading expert in existential psychology. He regularly
writes for popular media outlets such as The Wall Street Journal,
The New York Times, USA Today, Newsweek, Fortune, and
Harvard Business Review.
He has appeared on NBC Today, BBC Reel, The Overview
from NBC Peacock, Science Friday, NPR Morning Edition,
Cheddar News, Cursed Films from Shudder, The Art of
Manliness, The Well from Big Think, and numerous other
programs and podcasts. He wrote the documentary short film Why Do We Feel Nostalgia? His
forthcoming book, Past Forward: How Nostalgia Can Help You Live a More Meaningful Life, will be
published December 5, 2023.

CSL 213

Panel— Human Flourishing and the Three-City Problem: Athens, Jerusalem, and Silicon Valley

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Clay Routledge