Brandon Vaidyanathan

Brandon Vaidyanathan

Associate Professor and Chair of the Department of Sociology at The Catholic University of America

Brandon’s work has been published in journals such as Social
Problems, Social Forces, Sociology of Religion, Journal for the
Scientific Study of Religion, Journal for the Theory of Social
Behavior, and Journal of the American Academy of Religion.
He is also author of Mercenaries and Missionaries: Capitalism and
Catholicism in the Global South (Cornell University Press, 2019),
and co-author of Secularity and Science: What Scientists Around the
World Really Think About Religion (Oxford University Press,
2019). He is also founder of Beauty At Work, a project
exploring how beauty can both foster and inhibit our flourishing in a variety of domains, such as
science, food, business, religion, justice, and more.

CSL 211

Panel—Beyond Deceit: René Girard and Luigi Giussani on the Meaning of Desire

Brandon Vaidyanthan
Maria Elena Monzani
Tyler Graham
Thomas Deutsch